Senior Pastor: Carter Krahn

Carter was born in 1977 in Edmonton AB and raised by his parents in Edson AB. Through his dads job they moved continually through out his growing up years living mainly in Alberta and Manitoba. Growing up in the church he had always felt the presence on God in his life and he asked God to lead his life in the summer of 1987.

As he grew up he stayed very connected with the church but was beginning to pull away from God. He went through a very large challenge in his life where he faced a life and death situation and was pulled into a closer walk with God. Since 2003 he has served the Lord in full time ministry focused mainly on youth ministry. In 2009 he graduated from Providence College with a B.A. In Youth Leadership Studies.

Carter is married to Leanne and they have 1 girl and 2 boys Jessie, James and Leeland.

Executive Secretary: Leanne Krahn

Leanne was born in 1979 in Killarney, Manitoba. She grew up in a Christian home and her parents were active in the local church and camp ministry. She grew up attending camp every summer and that is where she gave her life to the Lord. She attended Millar College of the Bible where she met her husband Carter.

Leanne has worked at various jobs as an office assistant. In her free time she enjoys playing board games and spending time with her family.

Leanne and her husband have been involved in full time ministry since 2003. They have 3 kids; Jessie, James and Leeland.

Youth Director: Aaron Murray

Aaron was born in Newmarket Ontario in 1991 to loving parents who raised him to know the scriptures. However with all the knowledge Aaron gleaned in his early years he had no relationship with Christ. He moved away to university in 2010 without knowing the power of the gospel. Aaron earned a B.A Degree in Child Health from Brock University. It was during the third year of his degree that God intervened and grabbed a hold of Aaron’s heart and life. Aaron’s desire became to serve God in ministry. By God’s providence Aaron and his wife Melissa were married and moved to Sioux Lookout in the fall of 2015.

Aaron enjoys athletics, studying and engaging in academic debate. He and his wife Melissa have 1 child, Sawyer.

Webmaster & Video Producer: Kristen McNulty

Kristen was born in 1983 in Timmins, Ontario. She grew up attending church every Sunday, but didn't understand what it meant to have a relationship with God through Jesus until a friend invited her to youth group at a Baptist church. At age 16, she made the decision to follow Christ.

Since becoming a Christian her walk hasn't been easy; she has faced many trials, but all of the challenges have been instrumental in building her faith.

Kristen runs her own business, Jumpstart Media, where she designs websites, is a copywriter and produces media. Kristen lives in Timmins and is a member of First Baptist Church where she serves on their Oversight Team. Kristen is also involved in Christian radio as the host and producer of The MAD Christian Radio Show. In her free time Kristen loves to take photos, read, write, fish, play sports and spend time in the great outdoors.