Statement of Faith | Mission Statement | Vision Statement | Core Values

Mission Statement
"To reach out to potential believers through loving relationships and provide them with opportunities to grow into mature followers of Christ."

We accomplish this mission when we:

-Establish healthy loving relationships with our neighbours, friends, and co-workers
-Give these relationships the opportunity to hear the good news of salvation
-Train our people to disciple the new believers
-Aggressively connecting people with God-given opportunities of service
-Challenge believers to passionate spirituality

Vision Statement
Within the next five years we at Calvary will:

-Step out of the comfort zone and take calculated risks to be vibrant, innovative and missional,
-Restructure our organization to be more focused on outward instead of inward ministries,
-Redesign our governance model to accomplish more easily the great commission and the great commandment,
-Make our church activities relevant, interesting and attractive without compromising our "Statement of Faith",
-Share our vision in the community by becoming more involved as volunteers and assisting our community by being committed to activities that will show others what Jesus is like,
-Become involved in intercultural relationships, sharing our resources such as knowledge, experience and ministry resources,
-Be willing to sacrifice for the sake of His kingdom by changing our priorities with our time, finances, gifts and/or talents,
-Be willing to pursue and nurture the character and priorities of Christ all of this is to leave a tremendous impact in our community by producing followers of Jesus Christ at an exponential level.

Core Values
We will have a "Passion for People".... Whatever it takes to find people and to bring them into good, wholesome, positive relationships.

We will be a "Hope for the Hurting and Needy.".... This includes the concept of mercy, mission, outreach, and getting our hands dirty in acts of kindness and servanthood.

We will have a "Heart for the Lost"... Those who have lost direction in life, those who have lost perspective, those who are lost in despair and loneliness, those who are lost in busyness and activity.

We will have a "Passion for Spirituality".... Spirit-filled believers who reflect both the character and priorities of Christ.